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The three main areas of stress

There are three main areas of stress that can influence our recovery rates and these are Physical , Chemical and Emotional stress.

Physical Stress.

Taking time out from our busy schedules to exercise and stretch

our bodies to encourage flexibility and mobility is important.

This helps to balance the inactivity associated with desk based work and excessive time looking at computer screens TVs, tablets or mobile phones.

Walking is an excellent form of exercise and your own personal circumstances will be taken into account when advising you about this subject.


Chemical Stress.

This subject includes the air that we breathe, the fluids we drink and the food we eat.

The ability to breathe clean air alows us to maintain healthy lung tissue as we take approximately 150,000 breathes p/day and to keep energised ,our lungs have to absorb the life giving oxygen with every breath.

If we can smell the air we breathe then there is some contaminent being absorbed ito our system that will interfere with effective respiration which is why we can’t be a smoker and be as healthy as we could be.

Humans have existed for thousands of years through drinking clean unpolluted water and this should be the main component of our fluid intake, Caffeinated drinks such as coffee, carbonated sugary drinks with caffeine added will cause a diuretic effect that causes more urination which can dehydrate

The system and lead to ill health,

Diet is a vast subject and the food we injest will either be nutritional and supportive to our health or it can act to harm us.

Generally the least amount of process that food goes through the better.

Natural organic fruit , vegetables and meat (if you are so inclined) is the ideal way to go. Processed food with preservatives and excess salt and sugar may taste pleasant but long term, they can cause many harmful effects on the body as the current Diabetes epidemic will show.

Excessive amounts of alcohol. Trans fats, sugary puddings and baked goods will lead to an imbalance that will be hard to overcome. Well cooked food may take more time to prepare but if quality ingredients are used and thoughtful combinations are put together ,they will taste better than any prepacked microwave meals and be far better for you

Emotional Stress.

The thoughts we allow to occupy our minds depend on the choices we make and the habits we form by repetetive thinking

Everyone is exposed to various forms of emotional stress dependant on our circumstances at any given time.

How we react to these stresses will determine whether these

difficulties are perceived as a challenge and a lesson in life to learn from ,or an overwhelming problem that can be impossible to recover from.

Trying to retain a positive mental attitude always seems to give patients more hope and a better chance of recovery from any health challenges .This approach is encouraged and would give the optimum chance for a healthy outlook in life.

There are books that have been written on this subject and if people are interested then recommendations are available.