In this Chiropractic Office the main technique used is ‘The Koren Specific Technique’
Your Chiropractor has had special training in this gentle and effective method of locating and correcting Subluxations.

A subluxation is a distortion in the body’s nervous system, which interferes with the flow of energy and information that passes from the brain to the body and visa versa.
A particular chiropractic instrument, called an Arthrostim, is used to introduce a specific amount of force to correct the misaligned joint or vertebra.

Koren Specific Technique allows the Chiropractor to quickly locate and release these subluxations, using the Arthrostim, which then permits the body to function at a higher level of efficiency and health. This then aids recovery and the restoration of normal function.
The Arthrostim introduces a gentle force of 12 taps per second which is a very gentle vibration that most people
find quite pleasant.

As part of this process we analyze your body to find out precisely what is out of position, locked , distorted or unbalanced which then interferes with proper function.
This ‘subluxation’ needs to be assessed to find out precisely, and in which direction, it is out of position, which then informs us where to introduce the energy to produce a correction. This is called a Chiropractic Adjustment.
The more specific the analysis, the less energy or force is required to accomplish the correction.
Because of KST’s high specificity, we set the Arthostim to its lightest setting so the least amount of force is required to bring about the correction, many clients find the whole experience quite relaxing.

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